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πŸš€ Workflow

This Perfect Wiki tab is where you can outline your most important work policiesβ€”house rules you have adopted over time that help the work process run smoothly and enjoyably for everyone. 

πŸš€ Workflow

Write out the 3-4 policies you believe every new staff member should know like the back of their hand. For example: 

Flow State

At our company, we want employees to have time for focused, distraction-free work. If you see a sign on someone’s door or cubicle that says β€œFlow State,” they are unavailable for consultation. The same goes for youβ€”if you need to focus on a project, use your β€œFlow State” sign and enjoy uninterrupted work time to meet your deadlines. 

If you have documents that outline more concrete policies, such as company-wide report deadlines, you can link them in this tab. 

Note: you can add Google Drive links to your Perfect Wiki pages for direct access to all company documents.